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Chris Collins Dacula ga Owner of First Choice Homes

Chris Collins Dacula ga, Owner of First Choice Homes, really comprehends what it takes to convey great craftmanship in quality custom and idea homes. A steady homebuilder in the southeast for more than 14 years. Chris has ventured into the protection reclamation business in the most recent 5 years with now oner 2000 tempest harm , fire and surge ventures finished.

In 2008 as the home building business went into hibernation with whatever is left of the economy, Chris saw the rebuilding business as an approach to supplement salary until the economy recuperated. Be that as it may, the protection reclamation business tackled an existence of itself. Regardless we assemble and truly appreciate building homes. We now have workplaces in North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Chris Collins Dacula ga credits his prosperity to the way that he has gained from contribution in building and advancement ventures with a few of Atlantas top developers from 2000 to 2005. He has finished activities in verging on each territory of development from encircling, solid, material, trim completing, scene, stone work and substantially more.

Chris was brought up in Prestonsburg Kentucky and is an alum of the University of Kentucky with a B.A in training. He is regularly requested that talk at meetings in a few reclamation and material gatherings over the southeast and was as of late element speaker at International Restoration Expo in Orlando Florida. He is included in philanthropies Juvenile diabetes research Foundation, and is dynamic in his congregation and a few other group and metro occasions.

Post by chriscollinsdaculaga (2016-04-28 07:28)

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